Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hearts and crochet weekend

I spent the whole week beading: my BFF's birthday is near:

She was a pink addict, but now she's really into purple and lilac, so hope she'll like it.

Also did something for my shop...

and I have a new project going on (sneak peek):

But during the weekend I got the hook back in my hands and started crocheting on the sofa with one of my friends, to whom I had taught crocheting last year duting lunch break:

She's now knitting a baby blanket, while I'm halfway with my new scarf.

Oh, and we have a winner for October EBW challenge, Olga of MadebyOga:

Please visit the EBW blog to discover the runners up!


  1. How pretty. I cannot image your friend not being thrilled!

  2. Thank you marsha! I'm looking forward to seeing her!