Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Starry unicorn

After almost one year of no beading and crazy upside-downs in my life (finally more ups than downs), I lost control of my credit card and made agin a big bead order.
Ok, not so big, but enough to get inspired again to squeeze some time to sit on the table with thread and needle.

What I did, needless to say, is again another star, just notnChristmas related this time...

Was supposed to be a unicorn and needs still some details adjustments,  but I am happy to welcome back my muse..hope she will stay longer this time.


  1. Dear Syl, I'm so happy to see you again between beads!!!!

  2. A beautiful and cheerful star! I hope your muse stays with you for a long, long time :-)

  3. I love your starry designs and it makes me happy that you've made a new pattern!