Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party is coming...

Seems like yesterday, but a whole year has already passed...and the Bead Soup Blog Party is coming back!

Next sunday will be the only day for sign ups, so be sure to head to Lori's BSBP blog!
This year we're also going to have only one reveal date, so plenty of time to create and visit every blog.
  • Why should you partecipate?
Because it is a unique occasion to meet new people, with a different culture and habits and also beading techniques. You exchange ideas and preferences and sometimes friendship.
You get to swap beads and you might receive something that you would never be able to find in your own country, or even handmade by your partner!
  • Why should you do your best to visit every blog?
Visiting blogs is an amazing source of inspiration.
You see what other people came up with their soup and most times the reaction is: "I would have never thought about doing so!" Or, you just get an idea of how YOU would have done that.
You see people experiencing things for the first time (new materials, new techniques, new colors!) and that makes you realize you also can do that. It gives you the confidence you were missing.

So if you are still not convinced on partecipating, check the past editions on Lori's blog or on last year's Pinterest board!


  1. Thanks! I didn't notice 8th BSBP is coming!

    1. It is easier for those on Facebook but I am sure you'll receive an email! ;)

  2. Ce l'hai fatta a iscriverti?
    Non ti ho visto nella lista delle beaders ma so che sei artista a tutto tondo e in tutti campi!