Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer gifts and packing

My bead mate Dorota, my favorite chocolate pusher (remember???) has just received a little thing I made for her

Sorry, I had to steal her pic!
I asked for her favorite color combo and it was perfect with the idea I had of making something for summer.

I'm happy to see once again outgoing mail is much faster than incoming.
 I've been waiting for a knitting needle for more than a week now, and it's from Germany. My shawl is stuck halfway and I was hoping to finish it while on train next week, so I hope my mail will come soon!

I am also starting to organize my beads in order to decide which ones I'll take with me this summer.
How do you choose?
Sometimes bringing W.I.P. projects doesn't work and you start regretting not bringing more beads with you.

Last summer I didn't bring much 'cause I wasn't planning on staying more than 2 weeks, and they became 2 months. This summer I already know it will be 2 months and a half and I don't know which beads I can do without. And threads, and jump rings and stuff.
Hard decisions on my way...


  1. Plums in chocolate!!Its big problem for my ass, i cant forget them:(( But i cant suffer lonely!!!!! I and bracelet are walking on the beach and i hope everybody is jealous!

    1. Chocolate (and plums) is the answer to your problems, not the problem itself...
      and I love sharing problems with my friends! LOL