Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why swapping is good.

We have a door keeper in this condo, he works part time so he leaves all mails behind everyone's door. This is kind of cute, so when you're not planning on going out and put something different than your sweats on, you can have your mail just opening the door a little.
This morning I checked and found out Audrey's pack for the Fall Pantone swap!
She sent some wonderful goodies:

As usual there are things I'm never able to find in shops around here, but only on internet, and mainly in american stores. So I feel lucky to swap with people from the other side of the world!
But there's more than just beads in a swap: you get to know interesting people, who sometimes use different media for their jewelry and live in different environments, you start reading their blogs and keep in touch with them on Facebook. You get to know which is their favorite color and feel excited when they use your beads for a new project.
Being a member of the Etsy Beadweavers Street team, I realized it's even more important for teams to have swaps to get to know each other and actually feel like a group, so that's why I love the spring swap we have every year.

Last week I also swapped one of my PDF tutorials with some Twin beads, which I was eager to try! I'm still deciding how to use them 'cause I'm afraid I will spoil them. They're so interesting.

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  1. I am with you. I love swaps too! The Spring swap for the EBW team where I get gorgeous beadwoven jewelry and make a friend and the ATC group I am part of where I get to swap with all types of artists so I get little bits of art in mediums I don't work in. So much fun!