Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finally...Milan. Surprise!

I put my feet into my house less than 20 minutes ago, was looking so hard to find something special...a package I've been waiting for...for 3 months!
I feel so bad about my Spring Pantone Swap Partner Lori, but first the Post screwed up and was so late (more than 1month!), then I had to leave for Rome for my BFF's wedding and from there I went to my hometown.
I had planned to be there only 2 weeks, but then it became 2 month and a half...and didn't want to make the pack go postal again, I was afraid it would be lost this time.
So I just waited. Until today.

Well I'm already sleep deprived, but I was overwhelmed by Lori's generosity and creativity...

I still can't believe my eyes!
There are beads from all over the world, of any kind, and I'm particularly excited about a couple of things that I'm never able to find here (like sari ribbons and paper beads).

There is also a beautiful magnet which is already on my board, a super nice card, well I was so lucky!

I will play with many of these beauties really I'm just going to thank Lori properly and have some sleep after a 12 hours night ride on the train.
And..get ready for next Pantone swap! Autumn is near!

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