Friday, August 10, 2012

New can tab earrings and tutorial!

Painting can tabs can really inspire you more.
It gives you brand new custom elements to add to your jewels; no need to have 50 shades of nail polish, just the main colors will be fine.
Or try a transparent coat and some glitter: it will really change your day!
Today I would like to introduce you my latest can tab earrings, with a mix between Bollywood and flamenco style

I used a Confetti coating over the glitter, so the result is pretty festive

Maybe this is the influence of The London 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics (which I'm eagerly following these days) with all those sparkly costumes...

The news is: you can now make these earrings by yourself with a new tutorial I just made! Take a look at my Etsy shop!

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