Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Lulu in the rain

This month has been really lucky for work. Well, bead-work at least.
After many request and a couple of trials, I made my first tutorial and sold it twice the same day! I was afraid it wasn't clear enough, so I made it super detailed and beginner-proof. So far it's been appreciated.

The most exciting thing was to hear again from my Xmas customer, who asked me to make another Little Lulu doll, under an umbrella.

She wanted a brooch and I had just ordered some bead backing from Nicole's shop and was eager to try it!
At the last time she changed her mind and decided to have an earring instead of a brooch. It actually makes more sense since it's really cool to see this

floating in the air.
I'm pleased with the result and hope the client will be as well.

Thinking about making a tutorial for beaded dolls since I haven't seen any around...


  1. E' bellissima...i tuoi personaggi perlinosi mi piacciono veramente molto

  2. Grazie Ile, vediamo se ci scappa il tutorial! :)