Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bead dolls

Some months ago I started making little beaded dolls.
I used to make them when I was a kid, taking inspiration and pattern from the one my grandmother had brought me from Hungary.
So here they are, still waiting to become something wearable!
This little mermaid was meant to be a part of an "ocean necklace"

The hula dancer

And, of course, Snow White...

While making Snow White's trunk, I realized I had used the wrong colour, so i turned the wrong one into a Frida Kahlo doll:

An "almost buyer" made a nice suggestion about making Frida's husband, Diego Riveira, so ...here is the couple:

And a second Frida too

All these beauties are waiting for the right idea...not just a simple necklace, not a brooche.
What will it be?


  1. Io non li userei come pendenti per collane o per spille...che ne dici di usarli come originali portachiavi o charms da appendere alla borsetta?
    ciao PiPa...tieni aggiornato sull'evolversi, sono curiosa:)

  2. Grazie Ilenia!
    Effettivamente secondo me devono essere le star della situazione :)

  3. These beaded dolls so cute and fun!! Well done,, Pipa !

  4. Thank u Marsha for stopping by!