Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've been really speachless these days watching pictures like this and constantly reading the news.
Yesterday my laptod just died out of the blue, when I needed it the most to organize the moving and receive documents for the new house, not to mention I need to find a job quickly to pay for it. My boyfriend and I had issues with 2 real estate agencies so we're now so messed up and will spend more money than we actually have because of incompetent and untrustworthy people. You can say I'm pissed off, sad and angry.

And then I watch these photos and remember that at least I have a house, more than one - and I realize how stupid I am to complain.

I've always been dreaming of visiting Japan and was near to actually doing it a couple of times, but jobs and money made me postpone it.
The beauty of this country, of its language, traditions and the big heart of its people have always attracted me so much that I can't stop thinking about the danger it's involved in.

If you want to give a hand you can find useful links here or you can even buy handmade on Etsy choosing from some sellers that decided to donate some of their creations to this cause - you can find them here.
I hope to join this group very soon.

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  1. Seeing whats happened in Japan it sure makes any problem that I have very very small. My prayers to those people. Soo heart breaking.