Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things to do while you travel

This month I've been travelling up and down and around Italy because I've just found a new job. I'm thrilled about it, but I'm also exhausted from all this moving...because...
I hate flying.
I only take airplanes when it's necessary to reach very distant places, when we go on vacation; but when I travel in Italy, I just use the train.
Well, the problem is I live 900 km far from my hometown, so it means a whole night to spend in the train, or half a day if I need to be somewhere in the afternoon.
So tomorrow I'm going to take this train at 7 in the morning from Puglia, to be in Tuscany at about 4 in the afternoon -_-'.
I've been travelling this way for almost ten years, so I bring every kind of stuff with me to kill time while on the train.
Knitting and crocheting needles, wool, books and of course my beloved iPod!
Lately I've started bringing beads too for hotel time, but I usually come back with nothing done.
So, wish me luck for tomorrow!

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