Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter knits

As many other beaders, and as it happens every winter, I have been stung again by the knitting bug.
Would have been nicer if it would have been the bead one... :)
In order to avoid every winter's mistakes - neverending scrolling of Pinterest and Ravelry, lots of euros spent for yarn, lots of unfinished and unworn projects left in the closet - I decided to dedicate myself to easy and stimulating little projects.
First one is the amazing Langfield, by Martina Behm.

I love her patterns. Who doesn't?!
If the self striping yarn and the interesting construction weren't enough to convince you, just know that you don't need to swatch to check your gauge for this hat, so no struggling at all! Just pick any color changing yarn and start knitting. Easiest hat ever, I wear it every day and received so many compliments - also from the lady in the yarn store :).
Another one for a guy is on its way!

The second project, again from her, is the Hitchhiker shawl.

Left in a drawer for almost 2 years, i picked it up again and remembered why paying more money for good needles is always worth it. I am bringing it always with me and hope to finish it before spring comes!

Last one, yeah already too many, another shawl. Hey, not my fault if the yarn store is next to my workplace!
It's the Baktus scarf, by Strikkelise.

Easiest thing ever, amazing wool that claims to contain jojoba and aloe vera, again self striping and yet "striped" with a neutral tone...if ever finished, will become my pass-partout.

One final note: a huge thank you to my Mom, who made me a surprise and bought me this gorgeous knitting bowl:

It's handmade by Toepferstudio, a Innsbruck based amazing lab/shop. Check out their website!

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Nobody likes to receive critics, that's for sure; but they can become, especially if nicely formulated, a good way to revise and improve your work.
Bad feedbacks are the worse, especially when you feel like people overreacted a bit and gave space to their frustration .

I received a very disappointed feedback for one of my tutorials just before Christmas. I felt quite bad about it, especially 'cause I find it a bit unfair and I never received complaints about them in these years of selling. I wanted to kindly contact the buyer to ask for explanation, in order to actually see what I did so bad to cause so much confusion and disappointment, but a person dear to me had a snow-related accident and my thoughts and priority went elsewhere. I also thought nobody wants to be bothered on Christmas time from a seller...

Twice in 3 years has a customer asked for some help and deeper instructions, which I was really happy to give; I drew additional schemes for them, we had a long conversation since they were of these customers actually ended up collaborating with me and becoming a tester for a new tutorial!

Before creating my first tut, I decided to deeply analize bead tutorials from other (more famous) beaders and sellers: I am myself a buyer and what I wanted to achieve was a tutorial that also a total beginner might use.

This is why I made sure to use Illustrator to draw each and every single passage, even the really simple ones, to make sure that I didn't give anything for granted. Fotos might be tricky and I found myself more than once using my immagination to understand where the needle was supposed to go.

Far from me the idea of saying that my tutorials are great or perfect: they are just made with love and dedication and they are open to revision and endless help from my side.

Ok, I admit that all this is actually a way to excuse myself from never editing and selling the 2 new tutorials that are "almost" ready since two months on my laptop... but the feeling of disappointing a person is not easy to overcome.

I hope to cope better in the future :)