Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One more wedding

It's been a while!
Looks like attending the wedding of some friends is not that simple as it might seem.
There are a lot of appointments you don't want to miss: the bachelorette party, the pre-wedding-video making, the serenade the night before, plus preparing handmade pranks.

I changed my accessories at the very last moment so I didn't wear the golden cuff I had prepared, instead I put on a pair of matching can tab earrings and received many compliments

also forced my BF to wear a matching tie!
I had made this guys for another occasion but suddendly remembered them while I was already with one foot out of the door, on my way to the church.

I have to admit these are the first can tab earrings I own. They couldn't have been any other color!
Remember you can find the tutorial here!

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