Sunday, July 21, 2013

Smells like...summer

Besides the smell of sunscreen, summer has a lot of charachteristic scents that I absolutely adore.
The smell of watermelon when you open it, fresh from the fridge; the smell of figs when you take a walk in the country on a hot day (I have a perfume with that same fragrance and I treasure it!); the scent of a windy day on a rocky beach and waves crashing on it.
Sometimes I just sit and smell everything.

And think about how lucky I am to see places like these.

Marina di Pescoluse, Puglia, Italy
My city has just had a restyle on the harbour boardwalk and looks so much better now

Monument dedicated to sailors, Brindisi, Puglia

Boardwalk in Brindisi, Puglia
It's so nice to take a walk there without cars passing by and benches and a clear view!
And the smell of fried fish...


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  2. Bellissime scatti! e che posti favolosi!
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