Friday, July 12, 2013

Beadless times

I hardly found the time to post something these days.
I am studying, travelling to take my German classes in another city, visiting relatives and attending their birthday parties, and definitely NOT sleeping enough.
I went to the beach yesterday and today but it started raining so we left earlier than we had planned

San Pietro in Bevagna, Puglia, Italy
I hope to get a bit tanned soon enough, so people will stop looking at me like I used to look at German turist back in the days.

My dad is already tanned. I have the typical "Milan grey tan"!
Now I am the one looking like a turist from the north who's never seen the sun.

Source: Pinterest
I am back running too and feel much more brave and optimistic about my future. I am trying hard to study as much as I can and to exploit any deal that may come.
I hope to give some good news very soon.
In the meanwhile, enjoy your summer!

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