Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bad timing

Last week was a crazy one.
Hot and busy and full of events!
My BF finished his postgraduate thesis and got his degree in Padua with honors - he got the highest grade and, even though we all knew he had high grades at each exam, we didn't expect it!

Celebration was simple and intimate and pretty alcoholic

but I also made sure we respected at least some of the traditions od Padua college students, like drinking a special coffee in the most ancient cafè of the city.

Then we moved to Varese to join some relatives and I beaded some gifts to bring

(similar to this)
In this tight schedule I got a phone call from a job agency and had an interview.
So my plans to leave for my hometown last sunday are on hold right now and I'm still in Milan, waiting for news, instead of being on the beach with my family.
Not complaining! Just a little bit sad for the bad timing. After so many months of silence, I got another phone call today so I'm both full of expectations and ready to be disappointed once more.

Most of the times contracts are short, don't pay enough (or at all) and don't give you any kind of safety to build a future.
I was considering going abroad and even learning a new language in order to get some more options, but that's on hold too for now.
Whish me luck people!