Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The wrist list

Every year I'm curios to see which kind of bracelets will win the "people's choice award".
Last year macramè won, together with knotted rosaries in neon colors.
What will this summer bring on your wrists?
 You can already see spikes and studs everywhere and this is only going to get worse LOL especially on wrap leather bracelets and watches.

Source: Pinterest

Skulls are also everywhere lately: small and metallic or big in neon colors

Source: Pinterest

as well as tassels.
Last but not least, this summer you'll see a lot of chunky stones paired with silk ribbons

Source: Pinterest

and, of course, slave bracelets brought back to the top by Gatsby movie.
So, what's on YOUR wrist list?
To get some DYI ideas try looking here and start stacking bracelets on your wrist!

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