Friday, May 24, 2013

The perfect wardrobe

30 is an age that defines many things. It's when the "I got nothing to wear" statement finally starts to clash with a wardrobe full of c**p (a.k.a. a lot of clothes you never wear because you don't feel comfortable in them or you don't like them anymore).

If you are a little hoarder like me you know that it's useless to force yourself to throw away stuff trying to make order in your closet  if you don't make some order in your mind first. Everything will still look wearable for some undefined occasion you will never actually have. Or, you will buy some more useless stuff after cleaning and will have to start again next season.

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You need to understand what you really like to wear and mix it with what you NEED to wear in your everyday life. What do you feel comfortable with, and does it enhance your qualities or does it hide it? Is it easily mixable with the rest of your clothes? Are you actually going to wear it at work - or at all if you work from home?

Same goes with jewelry. There are some classic pieces you NEED to have. Like, a pearl necklace is for some people the equivalent of a little black dress - and they complement each other pretty well.

Which are your basic jewelry pieces?

I don't like white, classic pearls. For me the most classic piece that matches everything, that I wear when I want to be elegant but not too much, is a long, grey beadweaved necklace. Classic earrings for me means silver hoops, but if I want to be elegant I wear chandeliers.

I'm curious to see what other beaders think and maybe try to organize a Beadalong to build together the perfect jewelry display.

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