Saturday, March 2, 2013

Goodbye comfort zone!

During these silent days I've been working on a sushi bracelet I'll show you later (if the light is still decent to take pics)and, afraid to even say that, on BEAD EMBROIDERY. I've had this bead backing for a year now and the amazing focal my BSBP partner sent me inspired me to try something really, really out of my comfort zone. But that's the whole sense of the Soup Party, isn't it?!

Source: Pinterest

I'm also experimenting with waxed thread and knotting, and I'm trying to get a good understanding with some wire I also bought ages ago...but that, I'm afraid is not going to happen very soon. But the real challenge here for me is stringing. The simple idea of arranging beads for a necklace or a bracelet freaks me out.I know, right? Beadweaving is so much easier! :D You follow some techniques and then start experimenting, but you have some rules that guide you. Even when I have to put together some beaded beads, I really feel lost. Is it weird? Does anybody else think that a whole beadweaved necklace is easier than arranging beads on a thread? I guess sometimes your mind just needs a kick in the "..." to step out from the cage you put it into without even realizing. That's what I'm trying to do right now. Goodbye comfort zone!

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