Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not for granted

Yesterday was a great day: not only I received my huge bead soup, but I also had my laptop back, all fixed up (still in warranty thank God!). I wasn't expecting it before at least ten more days, so I was super happy, even more because I wasn't sure it was possible to fix it. Even though it wasn't my fault and I always take care of my stuff, I am now realizing how bad I was handling my laptop lately. Sometimes it's like the more things get used up, the less respect we use to them. This also happens with relationships of any kind. And with ourselves too.

Source: Pinterest

Right now I'm treating my laptop as if it was brand new and I hope I'll continue this way. I will surely not forget how puzzled and lost I have felt these days when even the most simple operation of photo editing required half an hour. I need to finish a custom order now and then go to the post office to send it, together with Japan tradition bracelet to their new owners.

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