Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Paper VS Internet

Some days ago my mom told me she would love to have a recipe journal, to eventually leave to us kids one day.
I was striked by the fact that someone (even someone as computer savvy as her!) still feels the need to write down stuff on PAPER. It's somehow reassuring.

On paper we can really set our deepest thoughts free, no need to be a professional illustrator to make some sketches of our ideas (ever seen drawings of the most famous fashion designers???you should!)

Source: Pinterest

Just a pen and a blank page.
I thought about starting a bead journal where I can also write down tips and tricks for every project, because when the light goes out or internet is not working, or the computer decides it's time to have something wrong...the only thing you can count on are magazines and notebooks.
First new year resolution: writing down all my most interesting Pins, favorite recipes, new ideas for tutorials.

In the meantime I'm giving my parents journals for Christmas, Recipe for my mom and Travel for my dad, so they might consider spending less time on the internet and more quality time with paper.


  1. I think there is something therapeutic about writing your thoughts out with a pen onto paper... regardless of what they are.

    Great post!