Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you superstitious?

I am. Just a little.
I think most Italians are.
We "touch iron" if an ambulance is passing by - it's our way to "knock on wood"; we change our way if a black cat crosses the street; almost everybody has a "santino" (card with a saint reproduction) in their car and they possibly have a red horn as keyring.
I love red horns. I've always had one. I remember bringing a big horn with me at every school trip.
I've lost it in one of my many movings, but last year when my BF and I moved together, his aunt sent this:

Red horns are tipical of the Naples area, especially since some places in that region are famous for coral production and they have gorgeous items.
My mom always brings me something whenever she goes there, last thing was this keyring:

This is Pulcinella, a local mask, on a red horn.
The best amulet, anyway, should be this:

It's a mixture of all the possible amulets together: a hunchback holding a horse shoe in one hand and "making horns" with the other hand (it's like a rock and roll gesture, but without the thumb and is used to protect from bad luck), mounted on a red horn.

Ok, of course all this stuff is just for fun. Nobody really believes it, it's just a mixture of old superstitions! But it's always nice to have an amulet.

Talking about horns...these are the last earrings I made:

And this is a pendant for myself, still have to figure out the necklace

And remember: horns must always be gifted!

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